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Happy July 4th! Celebrate with all the red, white and blue foods today! For this picnic, I packed wrapped sandwiches, a cornucopia of red and blue fruits, and red potato salad for an easy and delicious spread. I’ll be sharing my potato salad recipe in a future post! Read more about this Americana Picnic on the blog! #fourthofjulyparty #shareyourtable

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It’s summer and I’ve got some donuts that are tie dye for! Tie dying is a classic summer bucket list activity and it’s not only fun on shirts, but donuts too! I used some old fashioned donuts and jelly donuts from @dunkin for this easy summer activity that also doubles as a tasty treat! See the blog for full recipe! Double tap if you think these are far out! #donuts #prettydonuts #dunkindonuts #donuts🍩 #donutshop #donutsquad #donutsdonutsdonuts #donutsofinstagram #donutsarelife #donutslover #donutsforbreakfast #donutstime #rainbowdessert #colorfuldesserts #tiedyelove #teamsprinkle #diydonuts #donutcrazy #ilovesprinkles #mywhitetable #wiltoncakes #foodartblog #cutedonuts

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Sound on! This July 4th mocktail is inspired by all the beautiful red, white and blue foods I’ve been seeing everywhere. It’s a festive and easy way to cool off in the summer heat. I used a crisp gingerale from @canadadrygingerale as the base. Then I used some frozen strawberries from our last trip to @carriganfarms to make strawberry purée ice stars. They keep the drink cold and add a fruity flavor as they melt. The frozen blueberries also keep the drink cool and dressed for the 4th. So simple and refreshing! Full recipe on the blog! Search for: July 4th Mocktail. #mocktail #july4th

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Oreos are good on their own but they are dreamier when enrobed in chocolate! These chocolate covered @oreo cookies were made for a friend’s baby shower and were perfect for satisfying a pregnancy craving. I added edible flowers 🌸 to clear my conscience since they’re pretty much a vegetable 😆 and they also make the cookies lovely. Can it be easier to guess if it’s a boy or girl? 🤰 #oreo🍪 #summerdesserts

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It’s the first day of summer and I’m celebrating with these S’mores cupcakes that were made for a gathering! S’mores are a classic summer dessert and I’ll always remember how we first met at summer camp. 🤪 🍫They’ve helped define summers for me since then. 😆 I always have a cake box mix in the pantry for easy desserts and cupcakes I can doctor up. All I did for these cupcakes was use a white @bettycrocker cake mix, inserted a @hersheys chocolate kiss in the center and baked according to the directions on the box. While the cupcakes were baking, I made a billowy marshmallow frosting from @marthastewart. Then, I took my favorite piping tip, #2110 from @wiltoncakes and made different designs with the marshmallow frosting. I love when one tool can multitask! To make them toasty, I popped them under the broiler for a few minutes until they were brown. Then, I sprinkled on some graham cracker crumbs and chocolate shavings to sign them off as S’mores cupcakes! 🧁 Comment YES if you love S’mores! #smorescupcakes

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We lava Daddy a lot! My husband and I went on our first cruise at the beginning of the year and they had an amazing chocolate melting cake on @carnival! 🤤 I love recreating travel memories through food and was excited when I found this recipe on @bloglovin! So was my husband and kids when I made this for Father’s Day. Hope you all enjoy your heroes today! #chocolatecakes #BloglovinFood

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The kids used their creativity and tailored a tie for a Father’s Day gift. We cut out a tie from cardstock and used random craft supplies to make these designer ties. Then, we flipped them over and wrote love notes to Daddy on the back of them. It was meant to be a surprise but as soon as Daddy came home, someone said, “Daddy, I made a tie for you!” 🤦🏻‍♀️ #creativekids

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Are there certain foods that remind you of summer? Popsicles are one of them for me. They are the perfect treat to cool off in the heat! For easy summer entertaining, you can serve them on a bed of ice with some flowers and fruit! These healthy and delicious strawberry 🍓 frozen pops from @wholefruitfrozen are loaded with real fruit. That’s something a mom and wife can feel good about. My husband said it was like having a smoothie on a stick! 😂 🍓☀️#ad #wholefun #popsicle

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I never really appreciated real flowers until recently. I’d take a box of chocolates over a dozen roses. But, I realize that flowers add so much beauty, color and joy to the world even though it’s just for a brief moment. So when I heard of #edibleflowers from @stillwatersfarmandgardens, they were the perfect inspo for my next post! With the summer solstice in just a few weeks, it made sense to make these floral summer rolls. Should I post a recipe?

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It’s #nationaldonutday and I’ve partnered up with @dunkin and @pivotpr for a fun collab! The kids and I decided to have a donut 🍩 tasting to celebrate! Looks like all these belong to us now! 🤣 Don’t worry, you can get a FREE classic donut with the purchase of any beverage at Dunkin today! Share the good news and tag a friend! Swipe⬅️ to see which one was our favorite! #ad #donuts

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